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Eat like a caveman and lose weight. These Paleo recipes are a high protein high fiber approach to an eating lifestyle. The paleo recipes are aligned with using fresh high quality ingredients conspired together in mouth watering  and more importantly healthy ways.

So whether its breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner there are plenty of delicious recipes to choose from.

I would also suggest putting a meal plan together too keep your eating on track in a healthy way. Having a meal plan takes the guess work out of your daily nutritional needs and will reduce those weak moments where you grab nearly anything to eat.

MEAT Recipes

Meat Recipes for the Paleo DietHigh quality all natural meat is found to be the most nutritious food in the world. 100gms of ground beef (3.5) contains large amounts of the B Vitamin class and plenty of other vitamins and minerals. You cannot find Vitamin B12 in any plants.

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Chicken Recipes Paleo Diet StylePasture raised chicken is about as good as it gets when discussing the nutritional benefits of eating chicken. Chicken is very low on the glycemic index. A 4oz skinless breast of chicken has more than 35gms of protein and is about 187 calories. It is a good source for omega-3 fatty acids including both EPA & DHA. Chicken also provides a measurable amount of B vitamins, phosphorus and selenium.


Vegetable Recipes for the Paleo DietMost vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories. None have cholesterol. Vegetables are important sources of many nutrients, and are a contributor to reducing inflammation in the body, protect against certain cancers, reduce the risks against heart disease, are rich in fiber. Vegetables may lower blood pressure, decrease bone loss and when used to replace higher calorie and processed foods help to lose weight. A good way to stay in your paleo lifestyle is to think 2/3 vegetables and 1/3 meat (protein) in your daily meal consumption. See meal planning


Smoothies and Shakes for the Paleo Diet

Can Smoothies be used for meal replacement?
Sure, why not? Your typical meal is around 400-500 calories depending on sauces, drinks and ingredients of course. Thicker smoothies tend to give a physiological edge to feeling full. To help make that shake thick use frozen fruit where you can
and ice. The challenge to a nutritious smoothie is getting the protein in it. I wouldn’t throw chicken in my smoothie but you could use Greek yogurt, egg, protein powder, and peanut butter (organic).


Snack Ideas for the Healthy Diet

These healthy snack recipes are not only great for you, and so easy to prepare. Work your healthy snacks into your meal planning. These healthy snacks are nice to have when your hungry, but don’t know what you want to eat.

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