How to Overcome Leptin Resistance and Lose Weight Fast

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Leptin resistance cell structureLeptin is a hormone in both sexes but is found to be a least twice as prevalent in females. In animal studies the presence of leptin, or an elevated release of leptin, had shown the animals to eat less naturally and maintain a healthy weight.

With obese humans leptin was found in abundance in the bloodstream but did not have any effect on weight loss or appetite.

This is known as leptin resistance. The hypothesis for the leptin resistance is the hormone is not reaching the appetite suppressor, or the receptors the leptin binds to in the cells are malfunctioning and not responding to the hormone. This is common in overweight people.

The symptoms of leptin are a constant craving or feelings of hunger. Typically this is emblematic of eating foods that are high fructose corn syrup or lots of carbs.

Reducing or eliminating leptin resistance will allow the body to regulate its metabolism, hunger and weight.

How do you fix your leptin resistance?

The first thing you need to do is reduce your carbohydrates and sugar intake. This is where the paleo lifestyle makes sense. Protein from meats and vegetables provide fiber and natural carbohydrates and is definitely a prescription to help cure leptin resistance. But there is more to it.Cells being boosted by metabolismYour metabolism slows down at the end of the day and you should strive to keep that meal smaller than the rest, otherwise it will potentially be stored as fat. Definitely don’t eat 3 hours before your hit the sack.

You should eat protein and the majority of your carbohydrates for breakfast and tailor down the rest of your eating day. Dinner should be more vegetables and fiber with a little bit of protein (2/3 vegetables and 1/3 protein).The main thing is not to eat after dinner. Dinner is final for eating for the day. A meal plan will help with this. 

Everyone’s body and genetic makeup are different. These suggestions are a guide that has shown to be highly effective.

Leptin is a critical component of speeding up your metabolism and burning fat. Low levels of leptin will slow your metabolism and store fat. Knowing how to cure the leptin resistance is the key.

Women have the tendency to be three times less likely then men to respond to leptin when proper eating is not followed. Even though they have more in their bodies they are not using it to its full capacity. 

Another problem for women is that when they are dieting, as they lose weight they will drop leptin levels making the cell response less effective. ThisWoman before and after figuring out leptin resistance tends to cause plateaus in their weight loss.

All that effort and sacrifice over months to drop that weight and then you get stuck or worse, you start putting the weight back on. 

How do you harness leptin and lose weight easily?

You follow a proven plan. 

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